Corée : emploi en études tibétaines

Dongguk University – position in Tibetan Studies

We are looking for a PhD or D.Phil specializing in the area of Tibetan Language and Esoteric Buddhism. This place has been held by Dr. Achim Bayer from Hamburg for 6 years. It is a non-tenure track position with a 2 years renewable contract. We will offer around 50,000 $ USD a year with housing benefits. Once appointed, he/she will teach Tibetan language as well as Esoteric Buddhism in English at the College of Buddhism in Dongguk University [].  Usual teaching load is 9 hours during teaching term (Spring Semester from March to July / Autumn Semester from September to December). It is expected that the appointed faculty will get high scores from student lecture evaluations and if she/he can produce a paper in English journals in the list of A & HCI or SSCI, there will be an incentive for that as well.

For expression of interest and/or further information please contact by e-mail:

Professor HWANG Soonil, DPhil(Oxon), Indian Philosophy Major Adviser
Director, Faculty Management Team
Dongguk University, South KOREA
E-mail : sihwang@dongguk.ed


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