Parution de la Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines n°31 Papers for Elliot Sperling

Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines

numéro trente-et-un — Février 2015

— Papers for Elliot Sperling —

edited by Roberto Vitali

with assistance from Gedun Rabsal and Nicole Willock

Roberto Vitali

Editorial (pp. vii-ix)

Roberto Vitali

Elliot Sperling’s Bibliography (pp. xi-xvi)

Jean-Luc Achard

The View of sPyi ti Yoga (pp. 1-20)

Christopher P. Atwood

The First Mongol Contacts with the Tibetans (pp. 21-45)

Agata Bareja-Starzyńska

Dalai Lama’s Representative Agvan Dorjiev and Altaist Professor Władysław Kotwicz:

Letters of 1912 (pp. 47-62)

Yael Bentor

Interpreting the Body Maṇḍala: Tsongkhapa versus Later Gelug Scholars (pp. 63-74)

Be ri ’Jigs med dbang rgyal

A General Investigation into the Life of the Tshe smon gling Regent Ngag dbang ‘jam dpal tshul khrims (in tibetan) (pp. 75-93)

Daniel Berounsky

Tibetan “Magical Rituals” (las sna tshogs) from the Power of Tsongkhapa (pp. 95-111)

Katia Buffetrille

A Controversy on Vegetarianism (pp. 113-127)

Karl Debreczeny

Imperial Interest Made Manifest: sGa A gnyan dam pa’s Mahākāla Protector Chapel of the Tre shod Maṇḍala Plain (pp. 129-166)

Matthew T. Kapstein

Gter-ma as Imperial Treasure: The 1755 Beijing Edition of the Padma bka’ thang (pp. 167-187)

György Kara and Marta Kiripolská

Béla Széchenyi’s Amdo Tibetan “Root Words” and the Names of the Tibetan Letters (pp. 189-198)

Carole McGranahan

On Social Death: The Spang mda’ tsang Family and 20th Century Tibetan History (pp. 199-205)

Richard F. Nance

How to Address Kings: Buddhist Letters to Indian Rulers (pp. 207-215)

Paul K. Nietupski

Understanding Sovereignty in Amdo (pp. 217-232)

Jamyang Norbu

The Lhasa Ripper, A Preliminary Investigation into the “Dark Underbelly” of Social Life in the Holy City (pp. 233-250)

dGe ‘dun rab gsal

A Research on How the Poet Ksemendra Became a Religious King (in tibetan) (pp. 251-269)

Rag rdo Blo bzang bstan ‘dzin)

Primeval Tibetan Medicine (in tibetan) (pp. 271-295)

Jampa Samten and Dan Martin

Letters to the Khans, Six Tibetan Epistles of Togdugpa Addressed to the Mongol Rulers Hulegu and Khubilai, as well as to the Tibetan Lama Pagpa (pp. 297-331)

Peter Schwieger

A Document on the Policy on Foreigners in Tibet after the Anglo-Chinese Convention of 1906 (pp. 333-343)

Ron Sela

Central Asian Muslims on Tibetan Buddhism, 16th-18th Centuries (pp. 345-358)

Tsering Shakya

Ga rgya ‘gram nag: A Bandit or a Proto-Rebel? The Question of Banditry as Social Protest in Nag chu (pp. 359-375)

Chab mdo Shes rab

The Ro ‘gag lung gshong Battle (in tibetan) (pp. 377-383)

Warren Smith

Origins of the Middle Way Policy (pp. 385-399)

Tsuguhito Takeuchi

The Function of Auxiliary Verbs in Tibetan Predicates and Their Historical Development (pp. 401-415)

Jo sras bKra shis tshe ring

A Study on the Historiographical Material Concerning the Kings of sDe dge (intibetan) (pp. 417-459)

Leonard W.J. van der Kuijp and Gray Tuttle

Altan Qaγan (1507-1582) of the Tümed Mongols and the Stag lung Abbot Kun dga’ bkra shis rgyal mtshan (1575-1635) (pp. 461-482)

Federica Venturi

The Thirteenth Dalai Lama on Warfare, Weapons, and the Right to Self-Defense (pp. 483-509)

Roberto Vitali

The Book of Names of Nyang stod bla ma-s: Masters and Events of the Years 997-1354 (pp. 511-576)

Nicole Willock

Thu’u bkwan’s Literary Adaptations of the Life of Dgongs pa rab gsal (pp. 577-591)


记埃利亚特·史伯岭 (For Elliot Sperling) (in chinese) (pp. 593-596)

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