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Le numéro 58 de la Revue d’Études Tibétaines vient d’être publié :

Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines

Numéro cinquante-huit – Avril 2021

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“Giving a Meaning to an Illusory Wealth.” A Trader’s Pilgrimage  
    author: Lucia Galli 

Misdiagnosis or Political Assassination? Re-examining the Death of Panchen Lama Lobsang Palden Yeshe from Smallpox in 1780    
    author: Lobsang Yongdan 

Birthplace of the Seventh Karma pa, Chos grags rgya mtsho (1454–1506): Description draws from Tibetan Geomancy and Pilgrimage Guidebooks    
    author: Dominik Dell 

Human Engagement on Manuscript Margins: Glimpses into the Social Life of a Collection of Buddhist Sūtras from Mustang    
    author: Markus Viehbeck 

Entangled Objects: Gift, Reciprocity and the Making of the Imperial Subject in 18th Century Tibet    
    author: Riga Tsegyal Shakya 

The Old sNar thang Tibetan Buddhist Canon Revisited, with Special Reference to dBus pa blo gsal’s bsTan ’gyur Catalogue    
    author: Orna Almogi 

“Empty Like the Sky”: Polysemy and the Problem of “Mere Clear Awareness” at the Intersection of Sūtra and Tantra in Fifteenth-century Tibet  
    author: Rae Dachille 

On the Version of the Vajracchedikā-prajñāpāramitā-sūtra Used in the 18th Century Kalmyk Scrolls    
    author: Alexander Zorin 

Tibetan Expertise in Sanskrit Grammar (5): Two Blo gros brtan pas on Vyākaraṇa – So many Sthiramatis    
    author: Peter Verhagen 

Compte-rendu de : Jeannine Bischoff, Petra Maurer, and Charles Ramble (eds.), On a Day of a Month of the Fire Bird Year. Festschrift for Peter Schwieger on the occasion of his 65th birthday  
    author: Per Kværne 

Compte-rendu de : Alexander Kingsbury Smith, Divination in Exile. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Ritual Prognostication in the Tibetan Bon Tradition  
    author: Per Kværne

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