Parution de : Revue d’Études Tibétaines n° 63

Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines

Numéro soixante-trois – Avril 2022

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A Bout with Smallpox in Beijing: Personal Accounts of the Tibetan Statesman — Dga’ bzhi pa Bsod nams bstan ‘dzin dpal ‘byor (1761–after 1810) and his Struggle with Smallpox  

author: Leonard W.J. van der Kuijp & Ning Tien 

A Brief History of the Tibetan Alphabetical Order  
author: Elie Roux 

Parody and Pathos: Sexual Transgression by “Fake” Lamas in Tibetan Short Stories  
author: Holly Gayley and Somtso Bhum 

Early Developments in Snying thig Practice: The Eighth Topic of Zhang Nyi ma ‘bum’s Rdzogs pa chen po tshig don bcu gcig pa  

author: Khenpo Yeshi & Jacob P. Dalton 

The Second dPa’ bo, gTsug lag phreng ba (1504–1566): Life and Works of the Great Sixteenth-Century Historian 
author: Maria Bjerregaard & Dominik Dell 

The Buddhist Practice of Mindfulness and its Adoption in Non-Religious Settings  
author: Martina Draszczyk 

Enduring Impermanence: Buddhism and Documentation in the Time Practices of Tibetan Migrants    
author: Thomas van der Molen 

Tombs of the Tibetan Emperors: Divine Descent and Mortal Remains in the Chongye Valley    
author: William F. Romain 

The Tsadra Lotsawa Workbench: Collaborative Lexicographical Tools for the Translation of Tibetan Buddhist Texts  
author: Gregory Forgues 

The Translation Endeavours of Shes rab grags Revisited: An Investigation of Translations Done by Pu rang lo chung Shes rab grags and ’Bro lo tsā ba Shes rab grags  
author: Orna Almogi

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