Parution de : Traditional Neighbors, Different Modernities. Bhutan, Sikkim and the Mon Region

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Traditional Neighbors, Different Modernities. Bhutan, Sikkim and the Mon Region

par Seiji Kumagai (Université de Kyoto), Miguel Álvarez Ortega (Université de Kyoto), Françoise Pommaret (CNRS)

Résumé de l’ouvrage :

Lying in the south-eastern Himalayas, Bhutan, Sikkim, and the Mon region show a rich and complex development as a contact area, one of intricate multi-layered cultural tapestries, a fascinating crossroads among, and therefore influenced by, Central Tibet to its north and Nepal and India to its south.
These three regions are not only neighbors that once shared a blurred contact zone but also entities that present both clear sociohistorical similarities and dissimilarities. Even if all three territories developed culturally in multiethnic contexts in which Tibetan groups and their Mahāyāna-Tantric form of Buddhism played a clear central role, their singular identities and political configuration and history are notably divergent, as exemplified by their relationships with the British empire and experience of Nepalese migration.
This three-part collective volume, covering Religion and Culture (I), Society and Education (II), and Law and Politics (III), aims to provide an adequate forum for the latest scholarship on the southeast Himalayas, adopting a relational and comparative approach, and exploring how each region deals with a wide range of cultural and identity issues in the pressing context of modernization and globalization.

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