Publication de la Revue d’Études Tibétaines n° 51

Le numéro 51 de la Revue d’Études Tibétaines vient d’être publié :

Perspectives on Tibetan Culture

A Small Garland of Forget-me-nots

Offered to Elena De Rossi Filibeck

Edited by

Michela Clemente, Oscar Nalesini

and Federica Venturi

Full text    (10.3 MB) 

Cover, contents    (292 kb, pp. i-viii, pp. 9-13) 

dByar rtswa dgun ’bu is a Marvellous Thing”. Some Notes on the Concept of Ophiocordyceps sinensis among Tibetan People and its Significance in Tibetan Medicine    (118 kb, pp. 15-38)
    author: Alessandro Boesi 

Ladakhi Knowledge and Western Learning: A. H. Francke’s Teachers, Guides and Friends in the Western Himalaya    (945 kb, pp. 39-72)
    author: John Bray 

A Condensed Catalogue of 16th Century Tibetan Xylographs from South-Western Tibet    (138 kb, pp. 73-98)
    author: Michela Clemente 

The Historical Development of Tibetan “Minzu” Identity through Chinese Eyes: A Preliminary Analysis    (173 kb, pp. 99-118)
    author: Mauro Crocenzi 

Apropos a Recent Collection of Tibetan Xylographs from the 15th to the 17th Centuries    (127 kb, pp. 119-140)
    author: Franz Karl Ehrhard and Marta Sernesi 

Ein Kanjurtext auf Gebetsfahnen: Dhvajāgrakeyūradhāraṇī, rGyal mtshan gyi rtse mo’i dpung rgyan ces bya ba’i gzungs    (202 kb, pp. 141-157)
    author: Helmut Eimer 

Three Ancient Manuscripts from Tholing in the Tucci Collection, IsIAO, Roma, Part III: Manuscript 1329 F    (849 kb, pp. 159-170)
    author: Amy Heller 

g.yung drung bon description of Mount Kailāśa Gangs Ti se)    (118 kb, pp. 171-187)
    author: Per Kværne 

Note in margine all’archivio fotografico di Fosco Maraini    (941 kb, pp. 189-202)
    author: Erberto Lo Bue 

A Crucial Link in 15th-century Tibetan Art    (2 MB, pp. 203-226)
    author: Christian Luczanits 

The Bla ma mchod pa tshogs zhing of the dGe lugs pa Tradition: Introductory Analysis to the Iconography of the Oldest Images of the “Field of the Accumulation of Merits”    (1.2 MB, pp. 227-244)
    author: Filippo Lunardo 

The Monastery of Tholing in 1933    (3 MB, pp. 245-273)
    author: Oscar Nalesini 

The Great Seal and the Path of Means according to Par phu pa Blo gros seng ge    (175 kb, pp. 275-300)
    author: Marco Passavanti 

The Don gsum (Three Teachings) of Lady Co za Bon mo. A Bon po gter ma from the G. Tucci Tibetan Fund    (130 kb, pp. 301-321)
    author: Donatella Rossi 

The Appearance of gcod in the rNying ma School    (151 kb, pp. 323-336)
    author: Fabian Sanders and Margherita Pansa 

Manuscript Fragments from Matho. A Preliminary Report and Random Reflections    (1.6 MB, pp. 337-378)
    author: Helmut Tauscher 

Mi la ras pa on the Intermediate State: An Introduction and Translation of “Profound Instructions on the Direct Introduction to the Intermediate State, Using the Mind to Discriminate the Path”    (128 kb, pp. 379-403)
    author: Helga Uebach and Jampa L. Panglung 

The Great Maṇi Wall Inscription at Hemis revisited    (181 kb, pp. 405-414)
    author: Christian Luczanits 

gnas yig to the Holy Place of Pretapurī    (519 kb, pp. 415-447)
    author: Federica Venturi 

Hor khrims and the Tibetans: A Recapitulation of its Enforcements in the Years 1240-1260    (115 kb, pp. 449-468)
    author: Roberto Vitali

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