Appel à contributions : Everyday Life in the Himalayas and Bordering Regions

1st Circular, 12.2.2014
Call for contributions to the 2nd issue of Himalayan Discoveries
Himalayan Discoveries is the journal of the Society of Himalayan Studies in Finland. The first issue (2013) featured articles presented at the 7th Nordic Tibet Research Conference held in Helsinki in 2009.
We are now inviting articles for the second issue of Himalayan Discoveries that will focus on aspects of everyday life of people in the Himalayas and bordering regions.
People spend most of their time managing everyday work, household tasks, and other routine chores. Focusing on everyday life can produce significant information about people and their cultures, and may reveal valuable information often neglected by scholars. Our attention is often drawn to the extraordinary, highly evaluated aspects of culture instead of the commonplace.
Tibetan Studies often focuses on rituals, reincarnation, and meditative attainments of yogis. These are all topics that richly deserve scholarly attention. However, in our next issue, we wish to focus on the everyday life of those living in Himalayan regions. The everyday life, depending on the individual author’s interest, may include the life of monks and nuns, for whom religion is the axis around which their life revolve.
Contemporary and historical topics are encouraged, particularly in the area of changes in daily life. We expect contributions to approach this theme from various points of view and methodologies.
Possible topics include:
the livelihood of populations including farming, herding, business activities, and so on related to daily work and tasks
issues related to family life, household tasks, gardening, handicrafts, gender, children, social interaction, and communication; and free-time activities such as games and entertainment
everyday life as expressed in art and literature
material culture related to daily life
studies about development and its effect on everyday life
If interested in contributing a research article, please send us an abstract of your expected contribution. Recommended length of articles is 10 to 25 pages. Total length of articles should not exceed 30 pages. Articles should be sent to us in Word or Rich Text files. The strict deadline for receipt of all articles is August 15, 2014.
We also plan to include book reviews in Himalayan Discoveries. If interested in reviewing a recently published title, please send us a note. We can ask the publisher to send a free reviewer’s copy to you, but cannot guarantee that the publisher will do so. Please contact us at himalajan_tutkimus(at)


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