Cycle conférences SFEMT 2017 : 12 octobre Carole McGranahan

La SFEMT a le plaisir d’annoncer, dans le cadre du Cycle conférences SFEMT 2017, la tenue de la conférence suivante

Carole McGranahan, professeur d’anthropologie à l’Université du Colorado

Covert Humanitarianism during the Cold War:

The CIA’s American Emergency Committee for Tibetan Refugees

La conférence se tiendra le 12 octobre 2017 à l’INALCO, de 18h30 à 19h30

Amphi 2


Tibet was integral to Cold War politics in Asia, and yet we are still learning about new Cold War histories involving Tibet. One mostly unknown history is that of a CIA operation in India during the 1960s, the American Emergency Committee for Tibetan Refugees (AECTR). The AECTR was one of the first humanitarian groups for Tibetan refugees, but in reality was a covert CIA “front” organization. What is the history of AECTR, and how did its humanitarian work shape Tibetan histories and political possibilities in ways that are still felt today? In this talk, Professor Carole McGranahan will present the history of AECTR alongside a discussion of the CIA and Tibet more broadly as a part of both Cold War and contemporary Tibetan history.

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