Cycle de conférences du GRITH – Catherine Hardie

Le Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire sur le Tibet et l’Himalaya (GRITH) de l’Université de Laval, au Québec, annonce la tenue de la conférence suivante :

The Tibetan Gift of Dharma to Han Chinese Buddhists in Contemporary China

par Catherine Hardie (Hong Kong Baptist University)

La conférence se tiendra le 7 avril (à 15h00 heure de Paris, 9h00 heure de Montreal) en ligne, via Zoom.

Détails pour la connexion :

Zoom :

ID : 895 0195 7806 // Password : 776245

Résumé de la conférence :

In mainland China today, Tibetan Buddhism is not only the religious faith of millions of ethnic Tibetans but also the spiritual choice of hundreds of thousands of Han Chinese Buddhists. Since the turn of the millennium, loosely organized, informal lay Han Chinese patron-disciple networks centered on charismatic Tibetan lamas have proliferated, and a lively Sinophone Tibetan Buddhist scene has taken root in the nation’s urban religious landscape. This talk will overview the evolution of grassroots Sino-Tibetan religious interactions in the post-Mao era, with a special focus on the impact of Larung Gar, the most influential religious community in the Sinophone Tibetan Buddhist world. Key questions to be addressed will include: what are the push-pull dynamics behind Tibetan Buddhism’s inroads in Han Chinese society? How do Tibetan Buddhist groups navigate the regulatory terrain of religion in China? How are contemporary Han Chinese Buddhists ‘practicing’ Tibetan Buddhism? What role has the internet and digital media played in Tibetan Buddhism’s groundswell of popularity? What is the attitude of the Chinese state towards Tibetan Buddhism’s spread? Finally, this talk will ponder what it means for Tibetans to be bearers of the “Gift of Dharma” to Han Chinese audiences in the PRC in the context of center-periphery and majority-minority relations more generally.

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