Parution de : Archaeologies of the Written: Indian, Tibetan, and Buddhist Studies in Honour of Cristina Scherrer-Schaub

Vincent Tournier, Vincent Eltschinger et Marta Sernesi annoncent la parution de :

Archaeologies of the Written: Indian, Tibetan, and Buddhist Studies in Honour of Cristina Scherrer-Schaub

ouvrage dirigé par Vincent Tournier, Vincent Eltschinger et Marta Sernesi et publié à Naples, en 2020, par Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale” (Series Minor, vol. LXXXIX).

Table des matières :

Prefatory Words, p. 9

Publications of Cristina Scherrer-Schaub, p. 13 

Orna Almogi. Akaniṣṭha as a Multivalent Buddhist Word-cum-Name: With Special Reference to rNying ma Tantric Sources, p. 23

Yael Bentor. The Body in Enlightenment: Purification According to dGe lugs’ Works on the Guhyasamāja Tantra, p. 77 Johannes Bronkhorst. Sacrifice in Brahmanism, Buddhism, and Elsewhere: Theory and Practice, p. 95 

Elena De Rossi Filibeck. Il dkar chag del monastero di Lamayuru (Ladakh), p. 103 

Vincent Eltschinger. Aśvaghoṣa and His Canonical Sources: 4. On the Authority and the Authenticity of the Buddhist Scriptures, p. 127 

Anna Filigenzi. The Myth of Yima in the Religious Imagery of Pre-Islamic Afghanistan: An Enquiry into the Epistemic Space of the Unwritten, p. 171 

Dominic Goodall. Tying Down Fame with Noose-Like Letters: K. 1318, AHitherto Unpublished Tenth-Century Inscription from Kok Romeas, p. 205 

Arlo Griffiths. The Old Malay Mañjuśrīgṛha Inscription from Candi Sewu (Java, Indonesia), p. 225 

Paul Harrison. Remarks on Recently Identified Sanskrit Fragments of the Pratyutpanna­buddhasaṃmukhāvasthitasamādhi-sūtra, p. 269

Guntram Hazod. The “Anti-Buddhist Law” and Its Author in Eighth-Century Tibet: A Re-consideration of the Story of Zhang Ma zhang Grom pa skyes, p. 287

Pascale Hugon. Vaibhāṣika-Madhyamaka: A Fleeting Episode in the History of Tibetan Philosophy, p. 323

Deborah Klimburg-Salter. The Materiality of the Bamiyan Colossi, across Three Millennia, p. 373

Leonard van der Kuijp. A Note on the “Old” and the “New” Tibetan Translations of the Prasannapadā, p. 417

Mauro Maggi. Suvarṇabhāsottamasūtra 5.9 and Its Khotanese Translation, p. 447

Georges-Jean Pinault. The Dharma of the Tocharians, p. 461

Isabelle Ratié. A Note on Śaṅkaranandana’s “Intuition” according to Abhinavagupta, p. 493

Akira Saito. Bhāviveka on prajñā, p. 517

Marta Sernesi. A Mongol Xylograph (hor par ma) of the Mahāyānasūtrālaṃkārabhāṣya, p. 527

David Seyfort Ruegg. Remarks on Updating, Renewal, Innovation, and Creativity in the History of some Indian and Tibetan Knowledge Systems and Ways of Thought, p. 551

Francesco Sferra. Pudgalo ’vācyaḥ. Apropos of a Recently Rediscovered Sanskrit Manu­script of the Saṃmitīyas. Critical Edition of the First Chapter of the Abhidharma­samuccayakārikā of Saṅghatrāta, p. 647

Peter Skilling. Conjured Buddhas from the Arthavargīya to Nāgārjuna, p. 709

Ernst Steinkellner. Dharmakīrti and Īśvarasena, p. 751

Samuel Thévoz. Paris, vu du Toit du Monde : Adjroup Gumbo, gter ston du « pays de France », p. 767

Raffaele Torella. Abhinavagupta as an Aristocrat, p. 843

Vincent Tournier. Buddhist Lineages along the Southern Routes: On Two nikāyas Active at Kanaganahalli under the Sātavāhanas, p. 857

Kurt Tropper. The Historical Inscription in the ’Du khang of mTho lding Monastery, p. 911

Dorji Wangchuk. The Three Royal Decrees (bka’ bcad gsum) in the History of Tibetan Buddhism, p. 943

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