Parution de : Buddhism in Central Asia III

Le projet ERC BuddhistRoad annonce la publication de l’ouvrage suivant :

Buddhism in Central Asia III—Impacts of Non-Buddhist Influences, Doctrines

publié chez Brill sous la direction de Lewis Doney (Université de Bonn), Carmen Meinert (RUB), Henrik H. Sørensen (RUB), et Yukiyo Kasai (RUB)

Résumé de l’ouvrage :

Following the publication of the second conference volume, “Buddhism in Central Asia II—Practices and Rituals, Visual and Material Transfer,” edited by Yukiyo Kasai and Henrik H. Sørensen, in 2022, the third volume focuses on two more of the six thematic clusters explored in the BuddhistRoad project, namely aspects of non-Buddhist influences and doctrines. 
The first part, “Impacts of Non-Buddhist Influences,” deals with the varied contacts between Buddhism and other religious traditions like Manichaeism, Christianity or Daoism in Eastern Central Asia between the 6th and the 14th century, and the influences these encounters had on Buddhist practices, materials, and beliefs. 
The second part, “Doctrines,” deals with themes of inter alia Buddhist orthodoxy, transmission of terminology and the geographical instantiation of belief, yet both of the two thematic clusters are in dialogue with each other throughout the volume and thus reflect the lively discussions of the conference itself.

Avec plusieurs articles concernant l’aire culturelle tibétaine, le volume est intégralement accessible en accès libre via le site de l’éditeur :

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