Parution de : Crossing boundaries. Tibetan studies unlimited

Parution de :

Crossing boundaries. Tibetan studies unlimited

par Diana Lange, Jarmila Ptáčková, Marion Wettstein et Mareike Wulff

The urge to cross boundaries and explore new geographic areas has driven explorers and scientists to enter and describe new regions, discover unknown places, and encounter new societies and cultures. Academic work, driven by a similar impulse, can range over an even wider territory. In this volume we aim to contribute to a better understanding of the world and its structures by crossing not only the boundaries marked by state border lines but also those of disciplines, cultures, and methodologies – as well as those defined by stereotypes and perspectives. The authors of the contributions to this book are bound together by the subject of Tibetan and Himalayan Studies. Each of the chapters presents a unique viewpoint, approach, and crossing of a scientific boundary that can broaden our understanding of the region encapsulated by the highest mountains of our earth.

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