Parution de : Revue d’Études Tibétaines n° 60

Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines

Numéro soixante – Août 2021

New Research on Old Tibetan Studies – Proceedings of the Panel Old Tibetan Studies VI – IATS 2019

Edited by Emanuela Garatti, Lewis Doney, Quentin Devers

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Cover, contents    (137 kb, pp. 1-4) 

New Research on Old Tibetan Studies Proceedings of the Panel Old Tibetan Studies VI – IATS 2019    (70 kb, p. 5)
author: Emanuela Garatti, Lewis Doney, Quentin Devers 

Kinterms: New Potential Indicators for Dating Old Tibetan Documents    (533 kb, pp. 6-48)
author: Joanna Bialek 

Text, Act and Subject: A Proposed Approach to the Future Study of Old Tibetan Prayer    (423 kb, pp. 49-83)
author: Lewis Doney 

The envoys of Phywa to Dmu (PT 126)    (505 kb, pp. 84-143)
author: Nathan W. Hill 

Smra myi ste btsun po and Rma myi de btsun po: A Trial Translation of an Indigenous Tibetan Funeral Narrative, The First Part of PT 1136    (285 kb, pp. 143-160)
author: Iwao Ishikawa 

Gog cu as Tibetan Buddhist Site of the North-Eastern Amdo Area during the Post-Imperial Period    (263 kb, pp. 161-173)
author: Kazushi Iwao 

A Survey of Tibetan Sūtras Translated from Chinese, as Recorded in Early Tibetan Catalogues    (506 kb, pp. 174-219)
author: Channa Li 

A Philological Study of the Dvādaśāṅgapratītyasamutpāda    (344 kb, pp. 220-238)
author: Ai Nishida 

Śatasāhasrikā-prajñāpāramitā sūtras Discovered at Dunhuang: The Scriptorium at Thang kar and Related Aspects. A Preliminary Investigation    (600 kb, pp. 239-281)
author: Gertraud Taenzer 

The Call of the Siren: Bod, Baútisos, Baîtai, and Related Names (Studies in Historical Geography II)    (4.3 MB, pp. 282-397)
author: Bettina Zeisler 

Traces of Clause-Final Demonstratives in Old Tibetan    (403 kb, pp. 398-438)
author: Marius Zemp 

Final Particle =o in Old Tibetan: Morphosyntax, Semantics, and Grammaticalisation    (435 kb, pp. 439-471)
author: Shao Mingyuan

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