Parution de : Revue d’Études Tibétaines n° 65

Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines

Numéro soixante-cinq– Octobre 2022

The Zurkhang (zur khang; Adjunct House) in 1950s Kyidron  
author: Geoff Childs 

The Transmission Lineages of the Raktayamāri Tantric Cycles in the Sa skya Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism: The Gshin rje chos ’byung of A mes zhabs Ngag dbang kun dga’ bsod nams (1597–1659)  
author: Aleksandra Wenta 

The salt trips in Tibet and the Himalayas: extraction and trade in pre-modern times  
author: Santiago Lazcano 

The Place of Dan ’bag pa sMra ba’i seng ge in the Tibetan Epistemological Tradition  
author: Jonathan Stoltz 

Against Pilgrimage: Materiality, Place, and Ambivalence in Tibetan Pilgrimage Literature  
author: Catherine Hartmann 

Empty Iridescent Spheres. Notes on the Metaphysics of Light in Indian and Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Sources    
author: Giacomella Orofino 

Compte-rendu de Cuevas, J. Bryan. The Rwa Pod and Other ‘Lost’ Works of Rwa Lo tsā ba’s Vajrabhairava Tradition 
author: Aleksandra Wenta 

Compte-rendu de Hartmut Walravens, Agnes Stache-Weiske. Der Linguist Anton Schiefner (1817–1879) und sein Netzwerk 
author: Alexander Zorin 

Compte-rendu de Karine Gagné. Caring for Glaciers, Land, Animals, and Humanity in the Himalayas    
author: Patrick Kaplanian 

Compte-rendu de Christian Jahoda et Christiane Kalantari. Early West Tibetan Buddhist Monuments. Architecture, Art, History and Texts  
author: Patrick Kaplanian

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