Parution de : Study of the Pholonogy of Amdo Tibetan Dialects

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Study of the Phonology of Amdo Tibetan Dialects

par Wang Shuangcheng, traduit par Keith Dede

Résumé de l’ouvrage :

Based on the first-hand investigation, the book—Study of the Phonology of Amdo Tibetan Dialects systematically studies the modern phonology of Amdo Dialects and their developments. Its major contribution lies in the following aspects: 1. It is the first academic work to comprehensively study the phonology of Tibetan Amdo dialect. 2. It puts forward a new view on the internal classification of Amdo dialects; 3. It solves some problems on aspirated fricative, uvular consonants and nasal consonants through analysis of them, thus providing reference for the study of the relationship between Chinese and Tibetan in history; 4. It discovers suprasegmental phonemes in Maduo dialect in transition zone of Amdo and Kham Tibetan areas, which is of great significance for further understanding of tones in Tibetan.

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