Parution du numéro 36 de la Révue d’Etudes Tibétaines (RET)

Sommaire de la RET 36 :

Markus Viehbeck

An Indian Classic in 19th-Century Tibet and beyond: Rdza Dpal sprul and the Dissemination of the Bodhi(sattva)caryāvatārapp. 05­–44.

Sam van Schaik

Red Faced Barbarians, Benign Despots and Drunken Masters: Khotan as a Mirror to Tibet, pp. 45-68.

Alyson Prude

Women Returning from Death: The Gendered Nature of the Delog Role, pp. 69-92.

Yannick Laurent

In the Bosom of Khotan? A Dialogue between Image and Text, pp. 93-119.

John Mock

Tibetans in Wakhan: New Information on Inscriptions and Rock Art, pp. 121-141.


Christopher Bell

The Nechung Record, pp. 143-249.


Comptes-rendus :

Bai Yunfei

A review of Nicolas Tournadre, Le Prisme des Langues, pp. 251-258.

Timotheus Adrianus Bodt                                

Review of Lopen P. Ogyan Tanzin’s “tshangs-lha-ḥi tshig-mdzod-Tshanglha dictionary”, pp. 259-280.


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