Publication de la Revue d’Études Tibétaines n° 52

Le numéro 52 de la Revue d’Études Tibétaines vient d’être publié :

Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines

Numéro cinquante-deux – Octobre 2019

The Bon po sMan sgrub Ritual: Medicinal Materiality of a Universal Healing  (347 kb, pp. 5-45)
 author: Anna Sehnalova 

Two new high-altitude petroglyph localities in the Tsomoriri and Phirse Pho valleys, southeast Ladakh, India  (629 kb, pp. 46-69)
 author: William E. (Bill) Boyd, Kapil Negi, Saresh Thakur, Puran Chand, Geoff Bartram, William Meertens, Peter Slavich 

Heavenly Ascents after Death, Karma Chags med’s Commentary on Mind Transference  (593 kb, pp. 70-89)
author: Georgios T. Halkias 

In Search of the Lost Manuscript: The Obscure Recension History of the Tenth-Century Text The Lamp for the Eye in Meditation  (881 kb, pp. 90-118)
author: Manuel Lopez 

Rethinking Treasure (part one)  (646 kb, pp. 119-184)
 author: Robert Mayer 

‘Share the sweets’, An introspective analysis of copulas following adjectives in Modern Standard Tibetan  (163 kb, pp. 185-192)
 author: Sonam Dugdak & Nathan W. Hill 

Ippolito Desideri’s Tibetan Works and the Problem of ARSI Goa 74, fols. 47r-92v  (221 kb, pp. 193-216)
 author: Trent Pomplun 

When Fools Cannot Win: Social Determinism and Political Pragmatism in Bodong’s Reception of Sakya Legshe  (312 kb, pp. 217-250)
author: Miguel Álvarez Ortega 

The Body of Skyid shod sprul sku: The Mid-Seventeenth Century Ties between Central Tibet, the Oirat Mongols, and Dgon lung Monastery in Amdo  (870 kb, pp. 251-283)
author: Brenton Sullivan 

In his Name: The Fake Royal Biography—Fabricated Prophecy and Literary Imposture  (2.4 MB, pp. 284-335)
author: Per K. Sørensen 

Compte-rendu de: ”Rossi, Donatella (ed.), Fili di seta. Introduzione al pensiero filosofico e religioso dell’Asia”  (100 kb, pp. 336-340)
 author: Per Kværne

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