Série de séminaires à Oxford

La Faculty of Oriental Studies à l’Université d’Oxford annonce la tenue d’une série de séminaires centrés autour du thème de la révélation des textes dans le bouddhisme sud-asiatique et tibétain.

La série de séminaires se tiendra en ligne via Zoom, les lundis à 18h00, heure de Oxford.

Plus d’informations ci-dessous :

Hence we will focus on a comparative study of four overlapping and related models for scriptural revelation:
[1] The reincarnated dharmabhāṇaka of the Mahāyāna sūtras. 

[2] Indian Buddhist Yogatantra and Yoginītantra models for scriptural revelation. 

[3] The avatāraka siddha of the non-dual Śaivism of Kashmir.

Monday 21st February: Natalie Gummer, Beloit College, ‘The Dharmabhāṇaka‘s Body and the Ontologization of Authority.’ 

Monday 25th April: John Nemec, University of Virginia, ‘Perfected Beings in Human Form: The Siddha Tradition in Śaiva Tantra’

Monday 2nd May: David Gray, Santa Clara University, ‘Revelation and Rediscovery: Early Medieval Indian Origin Myths of the Tantras’

Monday 16th May: David Drewes, University of Manitoba, ‘Early Explanations for the Appearance of Mahayana Sutras.’

Monday 23rd May: Robert Mayer, University of Oxford,  ‘Entrustment (gtad pa) in Indian Mahāyāna and Tibetan gter ma

Zoom link is pasted in below. The same link will work for all five meetings.

The Treasure Seminar is an interdisciplinary seminar series on treasure discovery and scriptural revelation across mainly Asian cultures.  Series one and two explored the treasure and revelatory cultures mainly of India, China, and Tibet, considering them individually and comparatively. We also considered comparable traditions across other cultures. The convenors are Anna Sehnalova, Matt Orsborn, Rob Mayer, and Yegor Grebnev. Participants have included Anna Sehnalova, Barend ter Haar, Cathy Cantwell, Catherine Hardie, Charles Stewart, Piers Kelly, Reinier Langelaar, Robert Mayer, Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim, Ulrike Roesler, Yegor Grebnev, and others. Most of the presentations so far have issued into publications. We are grateful to Merton College for the facilities and support received for the first series, and to Wolfson College’s Tibetan and Himalayan Studies Centre for the funding, facilities, and support we received for the second series. We are grateful to the Oriental Studies Faculty for enabling the third series.

Lien unique Zoom pour participer aux séminaires :

Meeting ID: 852 5174 7964

Passcode: 310419

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