Conférence SFEMT Elisabeth Benard jeudi 3 avril 2014

Nous avons le plaisir de vous convier  à une conférence SFEMT

le jeudi 3 avril 2014 de 17h à 18h30 :

Pr. Elisabeth Benard (University of Puget Sound) :

Sakya Dagmos-secret marriage, wisdom consort and wife of Sakya Trizins

(Maison de l’Asie, 22 avenue du Président Wilson, 75016 Paris, Grand salon)



In this presentation, I shall discuss the roles of the Sakya Khon families’ wives.  Frequently the wives are secretly selected from noble families of U-Tsang areas of Tibet and they are unaware that they have become a bride to a Sakya Khon son until their marriage day. The Khon family selects a bride chiefly as a suitable wisdom consort who will produce an heir to the Sakya throne. Jetsunma Chime Luding , daughter of the present Dolma Palace branch of the Sakya Khon family, emphasized, «Sakya marriages were always secret because this was foremost a spiritual marriage. The wife is seen as a consort (yum) of a tantric practitioner.  She is visualised as a deity, not as an ordinary human wife.» This presentation will focus on Dagmo Trinley Paljor Sangmo, the aunt of the present Sakya Trizin and Jetsunma Chime Luding.

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