Parution de : Nonsectarianism (ris med) in 19th- and 20th-Century Eastern Tibet

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Nonsectarianism (ris med) in 19th- and 20th-Century Eastern Tibet. Religious Diffusion and Cross-fertilization beyond the Reach of the Central Tibetan Government

sous la direction de Klaus-Dieter Mathes et Gabriele Coura

Résumé de l’ouvrage :

The volume brings together nine contributions presenting cutting-edge research on ris med. The relatively high degree of political autonomy in the A mdo and Khams regions paved the way for the Rnying ma, Sa skya, Bka’ brgyud, Jo nang, and Bon traditions to closely collaborate with each other in a spirit of mutual respect and non-partiality ( ris med), while enjoying protection and support from local rulers. The contributors examine degrees of tolerance ranging from hierarchical inclusivism to genuine pluralism, inter-tradition relations and collaborations, religio-political entanglements, and the positions, writings and actions of the key figures of ris med. Thus, they bring to light that ris med cannot be reduced to its historical, political, religious or sociological facet, but is always a conglomerate of all of them.

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