Parution de : Revue d’Études Tibétaines n° 61

Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines

Numéro soixante-et-un – Octobre 2021

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Tāranātha on the Emergence of the Tantric Cycle of Vajrabhairava-Yamāntaka: Writing a Tibetan Buddhist Historiography in Seventeenth-Century Tibet  
    author: Aleksandra Wenta 

L’Allemagne au-dessus de l’Himalaya : des SS sur le toit du monde    
    author: Charlie Caron-Belloni 

“Feast of the Wise”: Author, Structure and Textual Witnesses of the 16th Century Religio-Historical Work Chos ’byung mkhas pa’i dga’ ston by the Second dPa’ bo, gTsug lag phreng ba (1504–1566)   
    author: Dominik Dell 

The Sum-pa – nomads of the northern plateau. On the issue of the Sum-pa tribesꞌ settlement area  
    author: Mariia Sokhina 

rDo rje Sems dpa’ Nam mkha’ che’i rGyud — An Analysis of the Tantra of the Total Space of Vajrasattva  
    author: Adriano Clemente 

Comparing Historical Tibetan Population Estimates with the Monks and Nuns: What was the Clerical Proportion?  
    author: Karl E. Ryavec & Rocco N. Bowman 

The Newly Identified Saint Petersburg Manuscript of the Collection of Songs by the 6th Dalai Lama: the Text    
    author: Alexander Zorin 

Tibetan Buddhist Vanguards among the Mongols and Manchus, 1576-1638  
    author: Gray Tuttle & Lan Wu 

Game Changers of the Tibetan Buddhist Political Order in Central Asia in the Early Eighteenth Century    
    author: Darig Thokmay 

Remarks on the term tshad ma’i skyes bu and the notion of novelty of valid cognition in the bKa’ brgyud tradition  
    author: Artur Przybyslawski 

Naming the empire: from Bod to Tibet—A philologico-historical study on the origin of the polity  
    author: Joanna Bialek 

A Tibetan History of Lesser Knowledge: The Coming of Poetry in The Five Minor Fields of Learning  
    author: Tenzin Tsepak

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