Parution de : Taxation in Tibetan Societies: Rules, Practices and Discourses

La maison d’édition Brill annonce la parution de l’ouvrage suivant, dans la série Brill’s Tibetan Studies Library :

Taxation in Tibetan Societies: Rules, Practices and Discourses

édité par Alice Travers, Peter Schwieger et Charles Ramble

Résumé :

The study of taxation is fundamental for understanding the construction of Tibetan polities, the nature of their power – often with a marked religious component – and their relationships with their subjects, as well as the consequences of taxation for social stratification.
This volume takes the analysis of taxation in Tibetan societies (both under the Ganden Phodrang and beyond it) in new directions, using hitherto unexploited Tibetan-language sources. It pursues the dual objective of advancing our understanding of the organisation of taxation from an institutional perspective and of highlighting the ways in which taxpayers themselves experienced and represented these fiscal systems.
Contributors are Saadet Arslan, John Bray, Kalsang Norbu Gurung, Isabelle Henrion-Dourcy, Berthe Jansen, Diana Lange, Nancy E. Levine, Charles Ramble, Isabelle Riaboff, Peter Schwieger, Alice Travers, and Maria M. Turek.

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